Saturday, 23 July 2011

On Vacation!

Winx pic from online, left to right Stella, Bloom, Flora It suited my mood! 

Whoohoo! Vacation time! I'm back to work on Thursday. Wednesday will be a normal day (post office, craft club), Tuesday I'll be back from being away. Monday I'm away. I leave tomorrow at 10am (just in case there's traffic, aiming to arrive at 12pm near the sea. Yay! Actually don't intend on doing very much, just relaxing. 

In the light of that (and having cleaned the birds, done the laundry, & neatened my room listening to Winx clips on You Tube), I will not be posting here for a few days. As I'm doing the driving on my vacation, I'm going to take a fews days off from writing as I won't have the energy to spare. I will be engaging Muse because I fully intend to take knitting and sewing projects. So I'll be frantically figuring out plot threads, and Muse can suggest all she like for current and shortly upcoming wips. See you all on evening! I am contactable by twitter (although if you DM me, I can read it, but I can't reply (my phone is weird). I may or may not check email on my phone (love Androids!), but I'm sure it'll be fine for 50 or so hours. 

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