Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm off vacation!

Not that you would have known it, as I got to read a few chapters of a book at work (probably not going to continue, it is YA and an unrequested and I'm not finding it overly thrilling). I go in, spend over half the day waiting for my computer monitor to be fixed. It's new, but it wasn't working. So I used my colleague's PC as she doesn't work on a Thursday. For some bizarre reason, I couldn't access the net on her computer - more accurately I could access a few sites, but the ones I need to access email and do work on refused to work. Thankfully the photocopier had a little blip to keep me occupied. I did a few other bits, but a lot of my work is email/internet based.

I've come home, watched the final episode in the third Season of Maria Watches Over Us (Anime), knitted, then sat down and finished off lesson 4 on the editing course. I'm nearly 1/5 through editing! Which is pretty cool.

What with being away I've just caught up on tweeting/emailing review posts, and updating my review pictures. I'm shortly going to search for food, then tonight is a reading night! Yay! Really looking forward to finishting Violet Wings, which I so totally chose to read now because of the cover and I needed something light and fun. And it invaded my dream a little, although not in any shape or form which is as cool as the book.

Hope you enjoy this evening whatever you do!

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