Thursday, 21 July 2011

Another chapter written!

I'm slightly tired, and slightly cranky (quite normal when several not so restful nights' sleep happen), but I'm happy because I've written!

I put writing first when I came home. I checked emails, then settled down to write. Before I'd settled down to a review or two. Wrote chapter 3 of Secret Project. It'll need some words cutting, but I think it works. Looking forward to writing the next one (maybe tomorrow!).

I will do a review or two tonight, and I hope to read a little too. I'm actually away Sunday to Tuesday, so no internet for me. I can tweet and check mail on my phone, but not blog posting, so I'd like to queue a few up. I plan to get up to date on reviews before I go.


Time to go think about food! I need fuel as much as Muse needs books. Have a good evening!

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