Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Books make me happy!

As does chocolate :) And anime. & Winx! & video games. And many other things.

*nose wrinkle*  Been feeling a bit off colour for a few days now. I don't know if it's me getting a virus, or just my body being on strike a little more than normal. Either way it means no writing for me tonight. At least I can read and fuel my Muse.

Work was marginally less busy today, which was nice. I got through with caffeine & sugar (a good combo). It's making such a difference reading cheerier (some of the time) books. I'm glad I'm making the move to children's books.Still got a few Young Adult to read, but I'm getting through them.

Writing's going really well. Secret Project chapter 1 is done and definitely much better than the first attempt. The 2nd chapter feels so-so, but it'll do for the first draft. I'm exctied about starting the parallel series in August...oh no! I shouldn't have said that! Well that's all I'll say for now then They shall be secret project 1 & secret project 2. I'm not revealing all quite yet because it's a new direction and I want to see what happens with it. It is quite possible that I'll get too excited and will have to reveal it all very soon - I'll have to see how long I can keep quiet about it.

Right, I'm heading off for reading. Watched some anime already, and in the mood to snuggle down in my blanket (it is so cold! (Yes, I am cold all year round and positively freeze in Winter)) with a pile of books. Ahhh I love the evenings prior to my day off.

Hope you all had a good day, and that you were able to smile at least once.

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