Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Changed the look!

I was supposed to be writing this afternoon. However, there are going to be a few changes over on Nayu's Reading Corner.  (link will appear soon). I was checking the blog templates for the secondary review blog, and then realised I did actually want this writing/life blog to match the cute button on NRC.

I'm not blogger savvy. I tried the new version of blogger, but then the header went weird. So I returned to the old version, and it worked. Apart from the fact the title 'Nayu's Realm' looked in the wrong place and I didn't have a clue how to change that part of the html (I know zilch about html, other than how to spell it). So I downloaded the blank template again, saved it in paint, added text box, went through every single font (and ending up using the first one I'd tried), saved it, then re put in the header thing. And it worked!

This template looks cute, and matches quite well as I do often wear fingerless gloves.

I'm off to start prepping my 3rd official blog! Don't get too excited - it might be a few months before it comes into existence. It won't affect this one (apart from me having a more appropriate template).

Do you like this template? (I promise I will hide all tools of torture so you are in way obliged to say yes. However, even should you hate it I'm currently not changing it!)

Also doing this because I'm actually quite tired and not thinking very hard is an appealing option at the moment!

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