Saturday, 9 July 2011

Another week has whizzed by!

I had meant to post between Tuesday and today, but by the time I got to it I needed to relax. The last few days have been a bit of a blur - I've been feeling a bit off colour, but not out-and-out ill. I've watched a fair amount of Winx, making good progress with sewing, laughed over some children's books I've been reading.

I've done a little bit of writing (yay), chatted about writing with my friends. Did some writing this morning on a Secret Project, which went well. I'm not revealing what the project is unless anything happens. I only mentioned it so you don't think I'm working on Inescapable Ties, which I will do when Muse is more awake.

Yesterday afternoon I had a fun time with my friend, seeing her and her daughter before she heads off to another country this month. Her husband has a job in the new country, so I'm going to miss her heaps. Once they've found somewhere permanent to live I can send care packages across. I may even be able to visit them next year!

This afternoon I'll be reading: a few chapters of a Young Adult book, and hopefully some children's books. I plan to schedule up a few reviews too.

Hope you enjoy your weekend whatever you do!

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