Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weekend is over! Whoohoo!

I'd like to note I'm not being sarcastic. I love the weekend because I get to relax. Equally I enjoy work because I get to catch up with lots of friends, and have a laugh at some point in the day. Even when it's super busy someone has a funny tale to tell. (hopefully not so much now term is over and it's the vacation for 3 months (no I do not get 3 months off! Plus we have postgraduate courses still running, next year's intake to prepare for - a lot happens in the summer)).

Today I had lunch with a friend, which was nice as I don't go out that much at the moment. (I like being at home :p )

I finished Winx season 4. Quite an emotional season (more the the previous ones). The new Believix transformation is very cool. I'd remembered about the zoomix and speedix, but I'd totally forgotten about the Sophix & Lovix. Was wowed out at remember how cool it was. It's a show that gets better every time I watch it (which is most days....)

I'm about to start a super scary book ------> First one was scary. This will be scary! Eeep! Based on Dracula. I need say no more.

Anyway, time to read, so hope you've enjoyed your weekend (even if you only had one minute of fun), and have a good start to the week!

No writing today - I was quite ill yesterday - nausea was at super high level, so had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I never, ever nap unless I'm ill, because, even though I went to bed only 30 mins early (Casualty is not a good programme to watch when you are feeling sick. Everyone was puking!), I woke up at 2am. And stayed up. I was wide awake! I have survived the day (not entirely sure how especially as I went out for lunch), had one coffee in the morning, and now I'm getting nice and sleepy in time for bed.

Soon I will learn whether my Secret Writing Project will go further than the first few chapters. I'm determined to make it work! But we shall see :)


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