Saturday, 2 July 2011

Editing, friendship, reviewing & relaxing

That pretty much sums up my day - will be back shortly as its time to help with the dishes!

....I'm back! Dishes are gleaming in the cupboards - sadly we don't have room for a dishwasher. So hands, washing up liquid, water and tea-towels do the job well enough.

Editing - I got up and edited! Well, in truth I had a bit of a lie in. After breakfast I went out to pick up a prescription - if the shop is empty, and you want a prescription promptly, I suggest taking a book to read while you wait - I barely got past the first page when mine was ready.

On my return home I was pretty happy because I knew I was nearly finished with lesson 3 of the course I'm taking for revisions. I have done most of lesson 4, I'm getting them checked by a friend who's done the course just so I haven't got completely the wrong end of the stick.

Once a month I meet up with a friend for lunch. Lately, as it's easier for me she comes to my house. We had a rather scrummy meal with salmon wrapped over spinach, feta and something else, followed with coffee style mousse. (Yes I was careful to add the second to avoid giving the impression I eat mice which my cat hasn't yet been able to catch. Belle is becoming a pro at bird catching). It was good to catch up on life, chat about writing (my friend is writing a play for theatre), knitting (we usually knit, but today was a shorter visit so we just chatted about what we're knitting. Friends are great because they almost always make me laugh, which is always a plus.

After that I did a bit more editing, tweeted my latest review (it was nice that there was a comment already even though I hadn't tweeted it). I did then consider writing a few reviews, but I must be strict with myself. It is after 6pm and thus no more editing/reviewing/writing is allowed. :p I may be mentally hyper, but I know I need to rest now. Poor Muse. She'll have to restrain herself until tomorrow.

I confess to hurling a book on my bed last night. I stayed up late to read Robin McKinley's Pegasus, realised it was a two parter right before the end, then was mad enough at having to wait for the next book (yup...I still struggle with needing to wait before next books are published - a far cry from when the books I read happened to have all been published) just because the ending is so dramatic that I flung it on the bed. Book violence is rare. The book wasn't injured in the process. Neither was the bed (which is pretty indestructable).

So with what I will be doing actually different from what I want to be doing, I'm going to read! I know the title of the next book to be read, but I don't remember the author, so let me look it up.

Ok, I'm reading this! Hope you all have a good evening!

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