Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nice and cosy

Today it has poured. For several hours at a time. I'm glad someone invented raincoats!

I was warm and cosy at work, and I'm warm and cosy at home. You know when you're relaxed when you want to wriggle your toes under the blanket and go 'ahhhhh' because its nice to relax. We ignore the tiny voice from my body which also goes 'ow'. Ignoring pain isn't normally a good idea, but I had my telephone review with the pain clinic, and I'll be having an appointment with the pain consultant to figure out what to try next. I think it could be another infusion. At the moment, I don't know when the appointment will be, but I've been warned there is quite a wait.

So I'm working extra hard at relaxing. I'm not all that good at it. I get bored, and feel I ought to do something. I had a wonderful time yesterday, editing for most of the afternoon. Brain was pretty fried afterwards, and I'd been out in the morning to craft club in the village for 2 hours. >o< I need to improve my editing pacing skills! Still, I'm getting nearer to figuring out the right balance of everything, which is a vast improvement on how things were last year.

Fun things: I got a new dvd! I've got the first part of LuLu de Montmatre, which I'll chat about very soon on Nayu's Reading Corner (I'll provide the link when it's up)

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