Sunday, 12 June 2011

I've reached Enchantix!!!!!

Season 3 of Winx is quite a hard hitting one, with lots of peril and tragedy (more so than the previous two). However, today I've reached the episode where Leyla gets Enchantix! She's the first Winx to get it, although its not the transformation using the theme tune (which I adore). *happy sigh* I was in tears when she got it. (I cry at anything). It was lovely to watch.

As I'm feeling quite awake, I'm shortly going to be reading. I will definitely be watching more Winx tomorrow! It is definitely my favourite series in French. Although there might be two rivals around the corner. Today I ordered a Winx film (so that won't be a rival as it is Winx related, although the animation is quite different). I ordered the latest version of Strawberry Shortcake in French (Charlotte aux fraises), and the first volume of Loulou de Montmartre, about a young girl who I think is an orphan, but who trains to be a dancer. I've just watched a clip on you tube - and oh wow! It's gorgeous! I love the soundtrack and the voice actors.

Vive le francais! Ouais!

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