Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kicking back and relaxing

That's my weekend. Ok, so I've been doing blog and net bits this morning, I've still got to put 1st lot of laundry to dry and start the second, but that in itself is relaxing.

I'm about to spend the rest of the day watching Winx (I'm going to start season 3 which has my favourite Enchantix transformation! Yay!!!), and sewing.

I've had a very hectic week. The good news is that it should rarely be that hectic again. I'm enjoying doing what I feel like, and letting my body recuperate from the week. Writing....will happen soon. Not sure when: both my body and Muse are a bit burnt out. That in itself isn't a good place to be, which is why I've got 3 day weekend in which to get back to my normal level of (in)sanity.

Hope you all enjoy your weekends! I've got some great books to review coming up, as well as some fab competitions (over on Nayu's Reading Corner, not here!)

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