Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Catching up day

After the mentalness of work during exam time, I've been chilling quite a bit lately. I've been briefly checking emails, answering the ultra important ones and putting the rest aside. This morning I've caught up with all my emails (I hope), and now sorting out my blogs. I hope to finish by lunch so I can have a full afternoon of reading. Yay!

I'm scheduling up reviews, which is necessary because soon I'll have run out of pre-scheduled ones. When I can, I'd like to keep on top of things so that if I need a few days off from blogging, I can take them and no one will know any better :)

I'm enjoying some dark chocolate today, and looking forward to doing cross stitch later. I love my day off!

Oh, because work is so crazy, I've taken Monday off work, so this coming weekend is a 3 day one for me. I'm definitely relaxing on it!!!!

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