Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm around!

Sorry for going quiet for a few days - I've been around, just been a bit busy. Remember those record cards I couldn't get the other day? Well, this morning/right before lunch I went to the store and bought them. There wasn't loads there...but some is better than none. I think I grabbed 6 packs...maybe 8 - saves me having to go back too often! They had pens made from recycled water cups on special offer. I use them at work, and love them because they have a nice thick barrel (I don't hold my pen in the 'normal' way, and need thick pens). Bargain!

As for earlier on this morning....I woke up early (after 5) but then must have snoozed until after 8 (disaster!!!). Once I was up and had first part of breakfast (I eat mine in 2 sittings), I set about the Grand Book Sorting.

You don't realise how many you have until you put some into piles to get rid of. I don't infinite space in my room. I'm giving some books to my local library (one of my friends works there and will take them in for me), the rest - the ones which are a bit more well loved/manhandled are heading to charity.

Whereas before I had 2 shelves with two rows of books (one in front of the other), I currently have 0 with 2 rows! All have one! I shifted around my review books too. I'm not divulging my guesstimate on how many of those I have. Let's just say it gives me a big smile on my face how many wonderful stories I've got awaiting me.

Speaking of stories....(hopefully one day they might become wonderful) - I'm probably going to start some editing this afternoon. First I want/need to sort out PDFs on my Kindle (a new acquisition this week. It's primiarily for PDF reading, not buying books. Although I've bought a few...bad me. Couldn't resist). I'm hoping I can get the editing writing course on there. I've picked out lessons from the other course I took, and put them on it (there were less). Putting PDFs on is really easy once you work it out (I kept trying to send to the wrong Kindle email address...thankfully I'd put £0.00p limit on the amount I'll let myself pay for emails, so I just got emails saying it was to the wrong address but they kindly sent it on for me.

Time to get moving! It'd be fab if I can sort this downloading out today.

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