Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Me day!

Me me me. Me!

Wednesdays, as far as possible, are designated 'me' days. By that I mean I don't read (gasp!) I certainly don't write or edit (scream!) and I don't really review (I have one to put up today). It's my midweek R&R break.

This morning I woke around 7.30am, and by 8am was installed downstairs with my knitting and sewing. I watched four episodes of Alias, then got up. My bed making fairy is permanently on strike, so I wrestled with the duvet cover, pillows and sheets to work the washing machine magic on them.

I then headed over to a stationary store to pick up supplies for the editing process. There wasn't a single white index/record card on the shelves. What on earth were they thinking????? I picked up sellotape, and extra large paperclips. I had the sense to ask at the checkout when the record cards were due in. Apparently the order usually arrives on Monday - and this Monday was a bank (national) holiday. There should be some in on Friday (they don't usually arrive until Thursday afternoon) so I will be performing a very quick detour on the way home to pick up a good supply. I guess people need them for exams. I need them for editing!

I got back, watched 3 episodes of Shakugan no Shana (yay!), followed by lots of Winx. There's TV on tonight, so I'll be continuing with my sewing. I love Wednesdays!

See you all tomorrow!

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