Friday, 17 June 2011

3 months (again)

I'm going to watch dvds tonight and sew. I was going to read - I've a nice pile that needs reading asap, but I'm up for chillling out (I have fudge & chocolate from friends. Although might have some icecream instead. Going for peanut butter and cucumber sandwich. I'm in need of comfort food.

I got my letter about my next appointment at the pain clinic. It's the end of September. I'd suspected it would be a few months when the lady said the specialist is popular, so its not a total surprise. If he picks another infusion, I would be surprised if I had treatment before 2012.

I'm going to have as much fun as possible betweenn now and 29th September. I fully intend to see whether I can get an agent before I get pain relief (anything's possible!). I'm focusing on my writing, my books, my fun dvds that make me laugh & smile. I won't be around online that much during the day - I'm saving heaps of time by only checking sites once a week, and steering clear of procrastinating.

I'm going to fill my life with words (spoken & written), fun things (Winx!!!!! Which I'm lending to a friend's daughter and I really hope she likes it as much as I do), friendship and happiness. Life's too short to be miserable. Let's go live!!!


maryom said...

There seems to be so much waiting with your clinic! Relax and have a good summer (weather permitting).

Nayuleska said...

That's the thing with having something so specialised - appointments are highly sought after and have often come with long queues.

It's something I'm getting used to. Changes are afoot on my other blog!

maryom said...

Hope all goes well.