Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The week of proofreading is over!

I'm tired but very happy. I've just finished the last of the proofreading. I did 3 chapters of the weekend (which took most of the weekend). Yesterday I received the 4th and 5th chapter. Last night I finished the 4th at 9.30pm.

Today I have done a few other essential errands (including baking cakes & laundry), but I've just finished chapter 5. Yay!!!

I wouldn't want to make this my profession. I don't mind doing it occasionally, and usually there is more time to do it, but I wanted to finish before Friday for who knows what state I'll be in (hopefully ok).

Because of the proofreading, I've barely read anything this week. Or written. Because this had to be done. I'm not editing tonight (way too brain fried), so its me, anime & knitting. I don't think I'll finish both the cardigan and the beret, so I'll take the pattern to show my friend, so she knows the beret will appear in a week or so.

Will be finishing one anime, starting Winx again, and watching The Apprentice. A typical Wednesday night.

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