Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm on vacation!

Hi everyone!

I will write the post about my infusion later. I tried writing yesterday, but did it for less than an hour because I really didn't feel like it. Thanks to advice from a good friend, I'm taking the week as vacation, so no writing. I aim to have a week long reading fest! I will schedule up reviews because I can write those with my eyes closed, and they don't take long and really don't take up brain power. Plus I've already read a few, so if I left it until next week to review, well.....I'd have a rather scary pile beside me.

This way I'm going to get to make a significant dent in my TBR pile (yay!), give my Muse a break and just have fun for a bit. The infusion didn't I'm taking that in and taking it easy. Will probably post very soon, but definitely having a quiet day today!

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