Monday, 23 May 2011

I heart books

That statement is obvious for a variety of reasons. 

  • I have piles and piles of books in my room. Some piles are vertical. Some piles a horizontal. I have double layered shelves - nothing fancy in the shelving, but there is one layer of books, then another in front (and part of one on top of the original row). 
  • I review books. Which surely says it all. 
  • This week of being on holiday consists of me reading. All week. With some dvd moments. 

I've just finished reading Threads by Sophia Bennett. Wow!!! The review will be up on Wednesday, over on Cem's Book Hideout. This book is funny and inspirational. It talks about important world subjects (children in dreadful circumstances), it gets people doing stuff (the fashion world taking notice of what's going on). It's good. 

  • Hence I heart books! I'm writing off this review, one for a Pocket Cats book (by Kitty Wells aka LA Weatherly who is lovely & awesome), then going to get stuck into another book - probably the 2nd Candle Man book by Glenn Dakin, only because I'm on such a happy high from Threads that I'm happy to have something definitely not as cheery. I'm in love with this 24 hours of reading. *sigh* 
One family member came home, saying how nice it was I had a week off. Then they said I probably had a lot of things planned. I smiled when I said yes. I do. It's called reading! I'm in love with books. *happy sigh* 

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