Monday, 16 May 2011

Losing a few feathers.

No, I'm not losing my marbles. My bird, well, Snow, she's losing tail feathers. I think Zack is bullying her. Although the last time I thought that, it turns out Snow was having a go at him (so maybe that's why he attacked her?) I don't get my birds .They are acting like they are sitting on an egg. They aren't. I keep moving them out of the next to take a look, but no egg. I've felt around everywhere. They are rather strange creatures.

As for me, work and scheduled 2 reviews & now editing! Whoohoo! Haven't got heaps of editing time left (there's only so much I can do on a work day), and I'm cringing at what I've written. I have no idea how Muse thought she could get away with only writing a vague idea of what was happening. The details aren't there! It'll prove an interesting rewrite. So far I'm on page 146/190, which is progress. I have 30 minutes left. Lets get cracking!

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