Saturday, 28 May 2011

Space isn't the final frontier - it's a fantastic frontier!

I hadn't planned to write today. I wanted to, but felt taking a break would be better. However, when I saw my friend chat on Twitter, I thought 'why not?' So we spent 1 hour #goingdark (aka writing). It was wonderful! I wasn't editing Inescapable Ties, I wasn't even workingo n the next chapter of Diplomatic Disaster (which is getting near the end). It was a New Project.

A project so new I didn't know the character names, I vaguely know the concept (boarding school in space), I knew what needed to happeni n the first chapter, but I didn't know how it would happen. Working with such little knowledge is a little weird. It's a bit exhilierating, because after sitting there and thinking 'what on earth happens next?' suddenly Muse will babble ideas at me and my fingers fly at breakneck speed over the keyboard.

By the end of the hour I'd written a bit over 800 words. For this style of novel, I need the word count for chapters to be around 1500 or so. I thought it would be nice to write the second half the chapter. Having trawled out over 1k words, Cat understandably wanted a break. I wrote a review, then went back to my wip. Which is still nameless. Well, not exactly nameless. But Space School Book is hardly eye catching.

Going back to my wip was like eating icecream. Muse dove smoothly down, breathing life into the characters, making them into real people. As with most first drafts, I know it's rough whereas Muse believes its perfect (perfection is both her middle name and her title). However, I'm getting a feel for the characters and I'm looking forward to joining them on their adventures. Space isn't the final frontier - it's a fantastic frontier!

Having worked hard this morning, I'm off to have some lunch, watch 1 episode of winks then carry on reading the 4th Immortal Instruments books will be a good plan of action.

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