Friday, 27 May 2011

At last I love the Immortal Instrument series!

I've felt a bit weird because so many people have enjoyed this series, but I just didn't get it (Spoilers here so don't read if you want to remain in the dark). The incest story line really annoyed me. It felt so inappropriate how Clary felt for Jace and the other way round. I wasn't entirely comfortable reading it. The only reason I kept reading and didn't put the book down was that I felt it was odd I didn't like it, that there had to be something which made it so good. The 3rd book was perfect. Clary's strong willed, still reckless but she's got a bit more control. Her power is incredible. I'm thrilled about what will happen in book 4. I now like book 1 & 2, and want to reread them.

So its been a good day! My bird cage is clean, I've stolen the eggs from them. I've done a whole load of blog stuff (not all will be noticeable, it includes twitter feed, my popular posts, the last 10 posts, option to link to Twitter/FB), sorted out remaining reviews.

Gone and ordered replacement battery for my psp...I have the original one, the fat one. There aren't a lot of batteries around. I haven't been able to play video games for ages because of my health. I've been able to a little, but I've been in quite a grump because I'd forgotten where to go in them, and a new game makes me feel sick because its so real (I get motion nausea). It's been a bit hard to get off to sleep the last few nights, so I got out my psp, and played Final Fantasy 7. I love 7-12 (minus 11 which I don't have). I adore the games. I figured out that its ok if I just play them. It doesn't matter that they are old games. As long as I like them, that's what matters. (I do like some others too). The original battery died, but I'd never gotten another because I couldn't play it. Now I want to play it - and can't gain access to the online store because the update requires the battery to be charged (and I have no battery - that always seemed to be a daft feature). So battery will arrive in a week or so (I hope), and it'll work (hopefully). I'm going to try and play more during the week. That's not as easy because I'm comfiest in the sitting room, and naturally TV is in use in the evenings. At least I can be appeased with psp, getting best of both worlds. I need to download FF9 - I hope one day they put FF10 on the psp. *happy sigh*

I've organised my Amazon wishlists (I was procrastinating from carrying on reading book 3 of Immortal Instruments (this was before the revelations started and the moment that I loved Clary). I've started book 4, but I'm not continuing it. I like lighter, fluffier things in the evening. I'm going to read lighter books. Much lighter! Tomorrow will another relaxing day (more than today - I did a few other tasks as well). *stretches* I feel like I've had a proper vacation, which is nice. Time to go get a cheese, salad, olive & crisp sandwich, then it's time to much on a scrummy pudding!

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