Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mixed berry circus....

This morning was really good fun. I finished one book, and read another (children's and one was quite short). I wrote the reviews, edited a little, waited for my friend to come to lunch. Prepared lunch, chatted, ate lunch, watched half of the movie Working Girl. I then baked steamed sponge pudding in the microwave.

No, it didn't explode or anything. It was the first time I cooked it, and it went really well. The problem came when I was dishing it up.

The problem wasn't the pudding.

I had put frozen berries in a small container on the side. I'd blasted them earlier in the microwave to defrost them. I started putting the berries over the pudding portions in the bowls.

One minute everything was fine. Berries in tub. Me clean.

Next minute I'd managed to flip the container, berries went up, over me, on the floor, down the white, relatively new cupboard doors and over the counter.

I had to change clothes and the dress got put to soak. It doesn't matter if it stains - it's a speckled pattern, and I adore the dress. It already has a strange mystery stain, and I only wear it at home. Slippers can be washed too.

It took a fair bit of elbow grease, kitchen towel and cleaning solution to get rid of the pink stain. It was so funny though. I'm that clumsy most of the time. It's so going in my school wip! There were still a few berries left in the tub, and they were really tasty.

Managed a little bit more editing, and now going to read. I'm on 2 books, which I'd like to finish tonight - Summaer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs, and The Medusa Project Double-Cross by Sophie McKenzie. My mother is enjoying having me pass on so many books to her (lately I've had a few she'd like). She likes me reviewing books!

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