Monday, 30 May 2011

I've finished lesson 1 & 2!

Whoohoo! I'm very tired, but very happy. I've just finished lessons 1 & 2 in my revision course. Yay! I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow when I can get to start looking at scenes. I know it involves coloured index cards, markers, and scenes. That's all I know. Will read up on it tomorrow.

Now that I'm axing a major story element, the end will have to change quite a bit. But my Muse can see where the changes can be made. It's not as bad as I thought - it is salvagable. It will take work, but I know that this revision course will help me make Inescapable Ties sparkle! And shine. And twinkle.

*ywan* Definitely not the company here making me tired. Been doing this all day which perhaps wasn't the best thing since I'm back to work tomorrow. Oh well!

I fully expect to be tired after work, but hopefully I'll be able to do something on my wip. Even if its only to read through lesson 3, I'll do it. I love editing & writing so much right now.

Hope those of you who had a day off today had a good one. No more national holidays until the end of August (when I've got an extra long weekend) But every day is fun because my Muse is on the loose. If you see her, say hi, and send her back in my direction. She's quite the little wanderer.

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