Thursday, 7 April 2011

Two heads are better than one. Occasionally.

Afternoon, Muse here. You might think that with my writing conduit, Nayu, yawning the afternoon away because  her body stupidly woke at 4am I too would be dozing.

Think again.

While her thoughts of 'bed, fluffy pillow, snuggly blanket' floated around her mind at work, I was plotting. I always plot. I don't always tell Nayu what I'm plotting - it can be scary. With my genius mind, I figured out what happens next in Diplomatic Disaster. Unfortunately due to health circumstances I am agreeing with Nayu that most writing energy must be on Inescapable Ties, with 15 mins of writing the first draft of DD at each writing session. That isn't the only thing she's working on. Think about the title of this post.

Two heads...two writers.. I have no idea what the 2nd writer's Muse is like - no Muse ever ever communicates with another Muse. It's a big no-no. I do hear through Nayu what the other Muse comes up with. Why is this of any interest? Well, Nayu's plotting away for a collaboration novel. The idea stemmed from a friendship that grew quite fast between Nayu and the Other Writer (OW). Nayu likes the OW's work. OW likes Nayu's work (well, IT anyway). They hit it off, bashed a few ideas around, and are now planning more world domination.

I don't dislike the collaboration, since I get to flout my creative juices to the world. And for the rare moments when I get distracted, the Other Writer's Muse pipes up. So far, so good. Don't tell Nayu I said this, but having someone else to bounce ideas off is pretty cool. Naturally, with my perfection I'll always come up with the correct answer on my own. But working with the other Muses does pay off. Put one genius and a not bad-

Nayu: Oy! Muse. Your counterpart is just as genius-y as you!

Grand sigh. If it keeps you happy, Nayu.... As I was saying put one genius and....*grits teeth* another genius, and you'll get a vibrant wip.

I'm getting time to kick back and plot free-style while Nayu carries on watching Winx season 1 for a third time tonight. A few episodes with knitting gives me enough room to whip up an amazing character profile by this time tomorrow.

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