Saturday, 9 April 2011

Muse has taken a day off!

Right, I've got control on this post. Muse is off running through plots in her head.

It's a gorgeous day today, full of sunshine which always makes people happy. This week, especially yesterday, I've noticed that weather like this really brings out the nutters on the road. The amount of speedy cars overtaking me when I was doing a reasonable pace (near the maximum) has multiplied. Some even overtake right near corners where I can't see very far ahead. Idiots! There were a few near misses, which had me thinking 'wow'. To all nutter drivers, please slow down, stay in the speed limit and don't overtake unless you have a good view of the road - you aren't the only ones on it.

I've had a productive morning doing a little bit of shopping and sorting out food in the fridge/freezer. I got a few bargains, which is always a plus. I've got Monday off work for an appointment, so I'm treating today as a Monday and I'm not writing. This afternoon I'm catching up with reviews - that's the problem of being ill, I read more, but don't have the energy to review them straight away. I have to confess I probably won't read anything today - I'm so tired! Part of it is my fault for getting ready for bed later, so I took 1 medication an hour later than normal and I'm pretty sure that's why I overslept this morning. Oh well! Definitely will try not to do that again. Used up all my energy this morning, but it was for a good cause.

Tomorrow I'm cleaning out my birds and editing! Although I was going to edit as and when I wanted, I then realised that I really need to relax after work, so I'm being good and only writing/editing on non-work days. This time of year I've got quite a lot of time off work coming up (spring break, then my new treatment in May) so I should be able to make quite a lot of progress.

I'm still on the third watching of The Winx season 1. I promise I will not watch it for a 4th time until I've seen all the other seasons. Hopefully they'll arrive this week. I do miss Japanese a little and feel a little bad but I try and watch at least one a day.

Yesterday I visited my Japanese teacher and her 3 month old son. It was great to catch up. He's changed from just sleeping & crying, to being more intrigued with the world. I held him while my teacher made some tea, and he didn't cry! That is a great achievement. It was fun hearing my teacher chat to him in Japanese, I could understand most of it. Interestingly I'm called older sister. That's quite normal, to be called older/sister/brother if you're a friend to a younger person. Right at the end before I left he was smiling and poking his tongue out while I made funny faces and said goodbye. My teacher had taken pictures of when he was in the hoodie I knitted, and he is super cute. We chat about lots of things, including my novel. She's really excited for me that I'm nearing entry into query land, and says that she'll want signed copies of my books and her son will have to wait to read them. Still working on that dream! Determined to make it come true.

Whatever the weather (although I hope it's sunny for you) enjoy the weekend. Muse will be back here tomorrow after her editing session. She has quite an attitude, but hopefully you enjoy her posts.

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