Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm here!

Muse has agreed to quit overtaking my blog for now. Mostly because it's extra energy she could be spending on writing.

I'll try and pop in here every Friday for a quick catch up of the week. Those of you've read my latest news on NRC will know that I'm only posting up reviews over there. I'm not doing extra posts. Dealing with sleep deprivation isn't fun. I've nearly caught up and do feel more human. But in general I'm really tired (exhausted tired not sleepy tired, there is a huge difference) so I'm doing all I can to maximise my rest time. This means less time online....and trying to edit & write when I can.

I know I'm not great because my thoughts when I get home are 'dvds...sofa....= me'. I'm not entirely minding cutting my net time, which is a sure sign I'm tired - that's when my thoughts get quite selfish and I focus on survival. (Sounds a bit dramatic, but when I'm rough all I care about is trying to get comfy and feel happy. Everyone else takes a back seat.)

Now that I've made myself sound self-centred....I do hope you all have a fab weekend. I'm looking forward to the extra days off work over the next few weeks.

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