Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blog Takeover - Muse Domination!

*shoves Nayu aside*

Afternoon everyone! I'm Muse, as in Nayu's Muse. Just the one name, I don't need any silly extra names. As of today, I'm taking over this blog. It will be all about me, my genius, my success at taking over the world-

Nayu: Everyone, I'm really sorry. Muse has got the biggest ego going and- 

*brandishing my infamous flaming wooden spoon* I'm so sorry for that interruption. That Nayu is really ditzy and doesn't know what she's saying. She doesn't recognise brilliance when she sees it. That's why I'm  the Muse and she's the writing conduit/channel/thingy

Nayu: -Muse is taking over the blog. She won't let me-

Now, as I was saying, this blog belongs to me. You'll  hear about my amazing, inventive ideas, which are naturally perfect and there's nothing wrong with them-

Nayu: -say much, so take all things with a pinch of salt. Maybe I could bury her in salt-

*crashes from the kitchen as salt is poured down the sink* Once again, apologies. Nayu gets strange ideas in her head when it concerns me. As I was saying, I'll be blogging about the wips I make Nayu write. Any errors are her fault, not mine. I know you'll enjoy this blog takeover, since I'm the one doing it!

Nayu: Muse is a nutter! 

See what I have to put with the deluded Nayu? I need to go sort her out, so here's what Nayu's been doing today.

She's relaxed by crocheting little squares and catching up with TV programs that will enrich my genius (hospital programs, prison escape program, smuggling program). Today is my rest day, so I'm permitting her to relax all day. Naturally she has to feed me, so I'm getting an afternoon full of books, followed by more crocheting and an evening filled with anime. She might be dim, but she knows how to look after me. Sometimes.

Nayu: Guys, Muse is...Muse. I can't stop her! 

*looks innocent after bashing a heavy book on Nayu's foot*

Ok, she's getting a bit of a handful. I'll be back tomorrow, where I can share my brilliance with you all. Bye-

Nayu: *groan* I've managed to trap her in a shoe - pretty easy when she's only a few inches high - but I can't keep her imprisoned for long. I'll set the record straight whenever I can keep her occupied. 

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