Saturday, 2 April 2011

Editing & relaxation progress

Today I hadn't planned to edit. I wanted to. But I'm feeling a bit off colour, so I started out resting with reading. But Muse has a large voice, and I never feel 100%. So I edited for 20 mins, then read for 20 mins, then edited for 20 mins. I got though 3 pages and I'm now 23% through this stage of editing (so close to 25%!). I'm heading out shortly to get a few groceries...and I know I won't be up for anything later on. So it'll be lots of reading, dvds & knitting. Yay! Making the most of it.

Although I've spent less than an hour editing, I feel like I've achieved a lot. Muse had a pretty major moment of inspiration for one part of the plot, so she doesn't care how little I've done. Don't expect to get any done tomorrow because family are coming over, but hopefully I'll get some knitting done while they're here. reference to this post on what I've been doing this week, I have to say I never make tension squares before knitting something. I possibly did one once. I just knit. My mother never makes them either, which is probably why I don't. I think I'm too eager to get stuck into projects. Most of the time it doesn't matter what size something is. And everything that's needed to fit, does. I admire those who do them, because then they are sure the garment will fit. But it's not for me, not yet anyway.

I had to laugh today. As the post landed on the door mat, it sounded as sthough we had a lot. I kept thinking 'books'. I got one. The rest was for my family - a mystery parcel & 2 magazines. Is it wrong that I thought I had more books? At least I know dvds are winging their way to me soon! Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing.

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