Thursday, 31 March 2011

And so March Ends

I am trying to do my daily meme when I can. It hasn't been a brilliant week, I've read virtually zero - just haven't had the energy for reading. Today's been the first day I've felt up for it. Although I won't really read because 6pm is my cut off time - after that it's dvds & knitting for relaxation. It's 5.32pm now, and I've spent the past two hours catching up with emails & blog bits that I've ignored for most of the week.

I feel more back on track now (yay) and hopefully things'll improve for a little bit. 50 days until my infusion, which seems really far away at the moment. I'm avoiding most of my anime because I need 90%+ happy type of anime (which most of mine isn't.) Some of mine are quite gory, which isn't doing me any favours.

I've got an awesome new game about the daughter of death for the Xbox 360. It's better than tomb raider (which I can no longer really play because I get so freaked out by it). It's very interactive, it is quest orientated, costumes are cool, graphics are incredible. There's one huge problem which I'd totally forgotten about with games. (I'm just getting back into them, and enjoy playing them before work in the morning). I get motion sick with life-like games. I'm fine with cartoon style games because my brain doesn't think it's real life. But if my character runs, which is more practical, my poor brain decides that it doesn't like the movement. Walking everywhere isn't going to be practical when there are enemies near by. I  think I'll just have to play it in short bursts. The plus side is that I can save the game at any point (minus cut scenes). This one will take a longggg time to complete!

To get me through the next 7 weeks (however I put it, 20th May is far away), I've um accidentally ordered the rest of the seasons for Winx Club! I'll start re-watching the first tonight, (there are 4 currently out). I put the 2 movies on a wish list, as well as the video game. I did buy the first volume of the book series. Although I ordered the book on Amazon UK, it's in French which is cool (and more interesting than English, plus since I'm already watching the series in French at least I'll have the same meanings from the translation). It's been really interesting because I've looked at reviews for the series. There's one English version that people aren't keen on because it completely changes the feel of the show, and makes the girls seem superficial. Yes they are stereotyped, but they have their own issues to deal with. Plus translation can lead to huge change in meaning depending what type of audience it is aimed at. I'm glad I've got it in French! The good news is there is due to be a 5th & 6th series! Yeah! Here's hoping it gets a dvd release.

I've started knitting a hoodie for a colleague's toddler, I'm still doing my crochet squares - I aim to finish it (whether it has enough squares for a shawl or can only be a lap blanket) by May 20th). Sewing - yes I need to do some of that too!

I've just remembered an email I need to send so I'll end this now :) Will catch up soon, I promise!

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