Friday, 22 April 2011

Edit fest (including revelations)

Extra days off work = more time to edit, which is always a good thing. I'm working on editing in the mornings, and reading in the afternoons. (Otherwise I'll do too much editing and be shattered, not the aim of a holiday!)

I'm continuing to make good progress with my editing. Lesson 3 is on the horizon in 96 or so pages. The revision course then requires coloured cards and pens. The excitement continues!

Today I'd like to say a huge thank you to my friend Caro. She read the draft of IT, and gave invaluable feedback. She pointed out issues that hadn't crossed my mind, but were obvious when I thought about them. Those issues are hot topics at the moment. I wasn't doing my story justice by including them because my main focus is another big topic, human trafficking. So I'll be switching the other topic for one connected with human trafficking. That took a lot of thinking, so I've done less editing on the wip page-wise today, but that's ok. Realising that changes like that have to be made is all part of the editing process. One page I barely noted a thing because it was a memory from my protragonist, which will be better  suited either later on in the story or in one of the other planned books (planned as in I'd like this to be a series, but obviously my future agent & publisher could have other plans).

No matter how small or big making progress is the way forward with edits. I'm definitely enjoying the editing side of it a lot more than expected. It's fun to realise something isn't working, to try a different idea or method out, then to have the Yay! moment when it all slots nicely together. I've got an hour and a bit left until lunch, so I'm heading back into my wip!

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