Saturday, 23 April 2011

12 pages edited today!


Ok, so this morning, post bird cage clean operation (in which I'd managed to put my finger on a fresh offering - very gross!!!!) before editing I started looking at the other writing course I'm taking from Holly Lisle (I get not money/compensation for mentioning her work), the How to Think Sideways. I rechecked lesson 1, moved on to lesson 2. I figured I could ignore it and carry on, but then when I was at lesson 3 I thought 'nope, will do this properly'. I opened lesson 1 doc (the one I make notes on) and saw something at the end. I was confused, so I re-read the lesson, and realised I needed to do the lesson again (using my current notes) so I was all up to speed.

That is all confusing. The short version: I hopped from lesson 1 to 2, to 1, to 3, then back to 2. I've reinforced how to brainstorm.

Then I got on to my edits. I'm at the section I really love - and is has a lot wrong with it. Mostly not too major, although a few things need some major plotting. I managed 12 pages! Went from page 102 to page 114! (well, 114 is the next new chapter, so I ended at 113).

I feel like I've had a real brain work out this morning. And I'm going to chill this afternoon with a reading fest! I'd started Lily's Journey by Tania crosse last night, because i'd misplaced the other book I'm halfway through. Only when I got to bed did I realise where the other book was (down by the side of the chair). Still, Lily's Journey is awesome so will finish that then the other book (which is also awesome - but it's hard to choose which to finish first, so I'm opting for the one that'll be close to my hands).

Then it'll be on to another book! I'm going to read the novel of an anime film (the book came first), which means I simply have to watch the film again! It is my duty as a book reviewer to enjoy such delights hardship in the name of understanding a book.

Hope everyone is having a fun extra long weekend (if your in the UK, unsure of other national holidays)

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