Friday, 29 April 2011

Coffee is supposed to keep me awake...

...but it isn't doing a great job! I woke up a bit sleepy (not a surprise as its been a busy week). I woke up a little, had coffee at 11, but still really sleepy. I managed to do a good 2 hours of editing. But had to stop earlier than expected due to sleepiness.

It might not help that it's overcast outside, so all my body wants to do is snuggle down in a blanket and sleep. That's not going to happen. So I'm compromising by having a few hours watching the Winx and knitting. Followed by with a bit of blog work, and reading. Although if I don't wake up reading might not happen today!

Definitely having a good first day of the 4 day weekend.

Good news: Muse is in full action. I'm now writing drafts while editing IT. It's good practice for when I do get published. Muse is creating nice links betwen books in the same series, which make sense and fit in well with the overall story arcs. *pats Muse*

Other news - my cat is still mental. My birds will hate me because I'm going to take the eggs they are sitting on away. They will get over it eventually. I'm nearly on season 4 of the Winx! Yeah! The down side is that it'll be a year or two before the next series is out. Which leaves me with plenty of time to re-watch them! I will carry on with some anime too :) Reading - lots of lovely books to read. I've got 2 wips from 2 friends to read, which is also exciting too.

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