Friday, 6 May 2011

A week without posts...

I'm sorry! I honestly didn't think it had been long. I kept thinking of posts to write, but never wrote them. Ok, here's what's been going on.

Last weekend
I got a lot of editing done (so far got 60 pages to go then I move to lesson 3), figured out what was going wrong, got ideas for future wips in the series (and other stories...) etc. It was a long weekend, and a very enjoyable one.

Sunday night/Monday morning
Went to bed feeling nauseas (its really playing up lately), couldn't get to sleep until well after 1am, possibly 2am, but after 1am I gave up checking the time. I did some beneficial net surfing while my stomach rebelled.

Monday day
The good news is I slept until just after 9am (very late for me, but at least it was over 4 hours sleep). I felt like a zombie and read. All. Day. Long. It was so much fun! I got through 3 books, they were quite thick ones. Really good though!

Worked, had lots to do. Very tired when I got home. But I felt like doing some writing (after realising what a total dimwit I was by only editing on days off - and not doing first drafts.) Turns out Muse loves first drafts, and it's light enough for my body that it doesn't used up too much energy.

It was awesome! I wrote 2600 words! A whole chapter - although because it's a children's book and the chapters are shorter than that, it will be two chapters in the next idea. I was so hyper after that, but I needed to rest so I did...I think I read but I honestly can't remember.

My usual lazy day involved watching Winx for most of the morning (nearing the end of season 4. It's unbelievably fun! I thought that the series might fade at some point, but no, it continues to be fab.), while knitting a pink baby cardigan (the last of my pregnant friends just had a little girl, who is adorable!). Had a routine appointment in the afternoon (all is well), then I think I came back and read. I'm not entirely sure. I know I didn't write because I was so wiped out from Tuesday and needed to rest for work yesterday.

Work: somehow it was a day when lots of colleagues came to catch up with me. Great fun! Worked hard too. Writing...I did! I wrote 1800! Go Muse! Chapter 15 (or was it 16....I'm such a scatterbrain, although that's normal for a writer, I think....) Thought I'd finished the cardigan (bar the frilly borders) - only the back looked too small. Turns out I'd missed the one vital sentence which says something like 'until the armhole (area) measures 10cm'. I tried unpicking it (frogging) but it was a disaster, so I just started afresh.

Today I was doing battle with my nemesis, The Photocopier. The plus side of it all was that I figured out the next few chapters for Diplomatic Disaster, which will take me to the end very soon! I wrote a revew (see the spy girl link on the left), was going to write, but felt tired so am writing posts/posting links etc, to free up more time this weekend for editing! Tonight I'll be reading! So many good books out/coming out which will necessitate re-reads. *happy sigh* I love books!

This weekend plans: I aim not to leave the house (I love staying in!), to edit, write, read 2 friend's wips (I'm not saying who!), lots of reading. Knitting. Some anime watching. All good fun.

I will try not to go a week without posting. I promise I'm alive. Can't really say I'm well, but that's normal! 2 weeks until my infusion, whoohoo! I'm so excited! I'm a bit nervous (I mean needle in hand = Big Not Like ever since I had lots of operations when I was little, I hated having the anesthetic...but I'll get through that). I'm taking a small Lumpy (stuffed Disney elephant toy), two hilarious books which might be controversial but it's about bunny suicides - it's a comic book of sorts, and I love bunnies, and have a bit of a twisted sense of humour, and my parents got them for me and they are just the thing to cheer me up.

Anyway, I have a few other blog things to do (tweets for starters!), so have a good week, and will be posting hopefully more progress soon!

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