Sunday, 6 March 2011

What happens when two writers get together?

Laughter happens.
Tears happen.
Much fun all round happens.

I've just come away from an online chat with a very good friend, who is also a writer (and like me unpublished). She's quite away ahead of me on the writing course I'm doing, so she knows what it's about. There are some parts she combined into others, which helped me because I seriously didn't understand one element of a lesson. I like the terms she made up for some worksheets, which I'm adopting.

She got to ramble about the problems with her current wip. She kept apologising for babbling, but the babble made sense to me and it was necessary, so no apology needed.

The funniest moment was where I misunderstood a phrase. She said something, which meant that she was making sense. Unfortunately I didn't understand the phrase. I thought she meant one thing. So she was talking, and I was responding to what I thought the phrase meant. We both got thoroughly confused. I laughed so hard I cried because we were going back and forth with 'I'm confused' 'What do you mean?' 'Do you mean I should....'. Ah good times.

I'm now all set up for this stage of editing! No idea how long it'll take. I'm combining lessons, to save time. I'll let you know how I do later on today. It'll soon be lunch time, and I have birds to clean out.

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