Saturday, 5 March 2011

Germ Gremlins love me

I can't say I love them back! I was tired at the beginning of the week, which turned into something nasty on Wednesday. I had extreme nausea (I did try, but I couldn't, which was probably a good thing), dizzyness, and just felt terrible. I fell back on the usual plan (which is a relatively new concept for me) which is to try and sleep. Dozed for over an hour. Felt marginally better. Thursday felt rough so wasn't at work. Felt a bit better in the afternoon, although family said I looked awful & wouldn't be going to work on Friday.

I went to work yesterday because it was a good friend's baby shower. I survived nearly 4 hours. But part way through the baby shower my friend (the pregnant one) asked if I was ok. It was the exact moment that I was feeling particularly rough. I said no, and she gently suggested I'd be better at home. My managers were there so I knew they wouldn't mind, and I know my face goes interesting shades of pale when I'm ill. I went home and read. This weekend is me and my laptop. I'm determined to get up to date with all my ebooks this weekend. Then I'll carry on with my physical book pile.

Moral of the story: don't go to work if you're ill. I am probably a bit worse today than I would have been if I'd stayed home. Hopefully 48 hours of R&$ will do the trick!

Needless to say I haven't written at all since earlier on in the week. I daren't write until I'm better!

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