Sunday, 6 March 2011

I can create bookmarks!

Not the ones for physical books. But ones in word documents.

One part of the course requires a character sheet for each character, with a variety of details down on it. I copied out the info, created a template. I could have had individual documents for each character with the info. But I currently have 10 documents in total open while I'm doing this particular part of editing, and I don't want to add some. So I copied the template and pasted it several times in the same document.

My Muse reminded me that there was a feature called bookmarks. I had no idea how it worked. I read the brief blurb, typed in my protagonist's name, (I'd clicked it at the first page which is where her character statistics start), then moved down to the next character mention. When I bookmarked character 2, I then clicked on character 1 and then clicked the button 'go to'. It took me to character 1's page!

This is a very useful skill to have discovered. Yay! I can now use it to help find where chapters are in my novel, or where chapters start/finish in the worksheets. The possibilities are endless!

I'm only just starting on this lesson of editing, & I suspect it will take a long time. I think I'll get more efficient at it as I become used to what I'm looking out for. I'm absolutely loving the process. I'm having to really think about the reason for everything. It's nice being able to justify why I include things. I like noting down what I promised the reader, because I know there are some promises which aren't necessarily resolved as they could be.

I'll be stopping soon though because I have laundry & bird cleaning to do. Those cost quite a lot of energy for me, so I must rest after. Writing/editing is work for me. Reading/reviewing = fun!

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