Sunday, 20 March 2011

I've been doing things the wrong way round

By the title, I don't mean that I've been doing things back to front (although that is the correct way when reading Japanese books!). Yesterday I was in a writing mood. I read inbetween the two editing sessions. But Muse really wanted to write.

Today I woke up in another good writing mood. But then I thought 'oops, I'm supposed to be reading today'. It then struck me that this was ok. There's no rule saying I have to read on weekends I then realised that I've been putting reading first. So that's going to change!

On my days off (including weekends), I can write as much as I like until 6pm, with a whole hour break at lunch (and other breaks as and when I need them). On work days I won't write at all.

That is quite a deviation from my normal pattern (read on days off, write every day minus Monday & Thursday). I found that by the time I got home on Tues/Fri, even though I had the next day off, I was pretty tired and not up for writing. Given that I work 5 hours and spend 2 hours driving, with a total of 7 hours work, its not surprising my brain is flakey by the end of the day.

So reading will happen mostly during the week now. I'm excited about this change, and I think I'll actually have more writing time, as well as more reading time (because I won't be sitting there with a book, my Muse grumbling away).

It might take a while, but I'm getting there :)

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