Sunday, 20 March 2011

Extremely productive Sunday 20th March morning


What I like about this blog, is that I can post several times a day and not confuse people. Well, maybe I do confuse people but that's ok :)

I've spent the morning trialing my new writing schedule. I adore it! It's so nice not to get into editing, only to find I have to stop in a few minutes. I'm getting the hang of it, and I'm nearly 10% through this part of the revision process! Whoohoo! Go me.

I've been able to pick out some plot tangles which I'm already groaning at the thought of trying to make sense of it all. But that's fine, all I have to do now is identify them and note them down.

Equally I'm falling in love with Safiya. I'd forgotten how funny she can be in how she views life and her assessment of a situation.

Additionally, as I'm noting down areas that work/don't work/whatever, sometimes Muse hits me with an idea for the revised draft (and/or for future stories in this series). I've had several Eureka! moments this morning. I'm wondering how many more I'll get this afternoon!

Right, it's lunch time and I'm having 1 hour break from editing. It'll involve lunch (a bit of carrot soup, and a goats cheese/watercress pie (slice of)), and anime (happy anime so probably Winx Club)

followed with a few hours of editing. Yay! It is possible that I might reach 25% completiion on this particular editing lessons, which would be awesome! I'm not banking on it though - any progress is good progress. I'll check back in later on.

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