Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Day's End Summary Meme #1

The Day's End Summary Meme

I've decided to create a meme, so that at the end of every single day I'll chat about what I've been up to. I can be a bit hit and miss with this blog, which isn't fair on those who read it. I want it to be where I can chat about life & writing. That needs consistency. Thus the meme has begun!

*flops on chair* I give up! I so give up. I was trying to edit until 6pm (it's 5.26pm now), but I was struggling the last hour. In total I've done about 6 hours of editing. No wonder my Muse is looking a little wobbly on her feet ^o^.

I've made amazing progress today. I can honestly say that in one day, (poor grammar alert - I'm tired and can't be bothered to try and make this make sense), I've achieved what I used to achieve in a whole week's worth of writing.

This revised schedule is definitely the way forward! I enjoy engrossing myself in my wip. I see some awful errors which will have to be corrected. A few can be axed, but some of them are necessary to the plot. The way I'm editing is really helping me think about all the story arcs. I'll make a comment about one thing, then Muse suddenly has a light bulb/Eureka moment and has an idea for the rest of the book or a different one altogether. She's making connections that definitely weren't there before, as well as breaking connections that are meaningless.

Just think, by the end of next weekend I could have done the equivalent of 3 weeks work in 1! Yay! I'm 16% through this part of editing. The 20's are looming up ahead. So far I haven't got anything planned on Wednesday, so hopefully I can hit the 20's then. I never realised editing could be this fun! (Yes I might take that back in the future).

I hope whatever you've been up to this weekend, you've all been able to achieve something.

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