Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Day's End Summary Meme #2

I missed yesterday's by accident - by the time I'd remembered I'd packed up the laptop.

Work was work. I got in and spent way longer online than I'd planned, so I didn't get much reading in.

Had a pretty good day at work, then saw a friend for two hours. Consequently I got home much later than normal (4.35pm), so I'm whizzing through online stuff before reading. I'm determined to read today! Looking forward to doing some editing tomorrow, as well as some reading. I'm definitely doing some craft tonight, I might get to the middle section of the crochet square. We'll see!

Muse had an idea for a new wip (nothing new). It's a take on a concept that I haven't really seen at all. I'll store that aside and see what happens as she thinks it over.

I'm hoping we get more sunshine tomorrow - it really feels like Spring is on the way with the blossom starting to come out and the grass being mown at work. Although allergy season has begun, so the next few months will be spent feeling like I'm continually got a virus. Oh yay! At least it doesn't stop me knitting.

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