Saturday, 19 March 2011

A productive morning

This morning was all planned. I got up early to get some groceries. Note I always almost usually am an early bird (sometimes 4-6am early). On weekends if I'm not going out I laze around all morning. I needed groceries. Somehow if I got for 10-11am, by the time I get back and have lunch and put everything away, it feels like I've wasted the day. 

So today I did groceries first. Naturally I was rather shattered so I settled down on my comfy chair with a blanket and books. I lasted until 11.20am when Muse started tapping her feet and making gestures at my laptop. There's only one thing to do when that happens - write! 

In truth I've been editing for 1hr 30 mins, which is good going. I'm on page 7, nearly on page 8 using Holly Lisle's Revision course. It's going well and I'm feeling quite positive about it. Yes I'm ignoring some of the glaring plot holes that I knew I had to fix but couldn't be bothered to do it in the first draft because I just wanted to write it all. Politics is not my strong point. I have to figure them out for a galaxy. It has to be plausible, which might take a while. 

Muse feels that she's worked hard enough today. She'd quite like to do some more, but she's run out of energy and might not regain it before tomorrow. So it's back to the pile of books!

Added to at 6pm 
After finishing one book, and getting engrossed in another (as of yet unfinished) Muse poked me so I've done a little more editing. I'm 5% through this particular section of editing. Yay! (It might not sound a lot, but it means a lot to me). 

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