Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Small knitting crisis prevents novel being worked on.

I know it is a Tuesday, and Monday's are my day off from knitting, but I'm not writing today. 

My primary excuse/reason is that it was my first day back at work today. It wasn't super quiet, it wasn't insanely busy, it was somewhere in between. But 2 weeks away means it takes my body a little while to get back into the swing of things. So I'm tired (I always am, but perhaps a bit more tired). 

My secondary excuse/reason is legitimate. I need to finish a bootie, sew up a few of the booties and post them in a package including a few hats and I think one jumper (for orphans - I'll be providing links on that very soon). I'm currently knitting a hat for my cousin, whose baby is due this month. 

Unfortunately to knit the final bootie (I've already done half a pair) I need to finish off the hat first. I could just take it off the needle and put it on a stitch holder, but I like things completed. That is why I've been knitting since I got in from work (managed to watch Miss Congeniality 2). 

Therefore writing will happen tomorrow, but I need to get this knitting done. I also sort of want to get one hat and a pair of booties knitted by Friday because a colleague who has had a little girl is visiting so I'd like to give her something. 

We are ignoring the fact that I'm slightly behind on my reading. I intend to catch up as soon as this knitting is up to speed. And I will be working on A Price Worth Paying tomorrow. 

See, writers don't just write. This one knits! 

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