Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Life exploded!!!

Kaboom! That's my life.

I've learnt many lessons. The last week of the holidays (I had 2 weeks off) I got pretty lazy. I was tired a lot, and didn't feel 100% (when do I ever feel like that?). That's not really an excuse though..but somehow I managed to waste a lot of time and not do any reading.

I would like to spend the next month reading :) I have quite a few books to catch up. I've debated not writing, but I can't do that for 2 reasons.

1) My Muse. I can see the steam rising up from her at the mere thought that I'd suspend writing until February.
2) I don't write all the time. Mostly 2 hours a day at the most. I can definitely fit that in.

That is partially why I'm staying off Twitter, apart from putting up blog posts and updates etc. Amazingly I can spend an awful lot of time chatting on Twitter. I love it, and I love chatting with everyone, but I'm determined to make the most of my time in 2011.

Hence the 'only go online when you have to do something productive' motto. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts :)


maryom said...

I'm definitely here doing something productive! Oh no!! This isn't my review I'm writing at all Aarggggh!

New Year's Resolution - Be more Organised.

Captain Hook said...

Good luck with catching up on the reading. I actually joined a challenge thingie where you post how many books you plan to read during the year and then you list the books as you read them. I am *gulp* aiming for 450 books this year.

Nayuleska said...

Mary - heehee!

Sarah!!! Long time no see. 450 books big eep. I read just over 300 last year. Aim high and with a little work you can suceed.

I saved over an hour this morning by avoiding twitter.