Saturday, 8 January 2011

24 hour chaos

I think I've had at least a week's ditzyness happen in one day

It all began on Thursday night when I couldn't find my phone. Searched the house and my car, nothing.

I wasn't too worried at this point because I have left it at work before. The worry started the next day when I couldn't find it at work. My colleagues helped me look for it. I phoned security & where we keep lost property. Zilch.

I phoned up and ordered a replacement sim card (this point is important). I couldn't get a new phone until 2012 when my contract runs out, so I'd have to go buy one.

I tried phoning my insurance but the spiel was long winded and I gave up so that I could go to the car and get my colleague to check.

Lo and behold in the back in the passenger's footwell I found my phone.

Needless to say I was very happy.

Call up phone company to unblock and de-blacklist my phone. Thought it was all fine.

Battery was dying so turned phone off.

Recharged phone when I got home.

Saw the notification that there were updates to my phone. Naturally I said 'yes' and let it update.

Noticed there was no signal but didn't think anything of it.

Woke up, and still no signal. The phone was also acting a bit weird. So after some searching on the net, I found how to do a soft and hard reset. Went for both (so I lost all my settings).

After hard reset same thing happened. Thought it was odd.

Phoned up phone company to discover they are open 8am.

Waited by feeding cat and getting breakfast. Managed to gouge my finger with the new and super sharp bread knife while cutting a croissant. Lots of blood. Got 2 plasters on it, it's sore, it's my left middle finger and it's a bit weird typing.

Phoned up phone company. I got the operator I keep seeming to get. She was very nice. I think she thought I was an idiot.

I'd forgotten about my replacement sim. I thought I wouldn't need it. It turns out that my phone isn't behaving right because my sim is not working due to the new sim coming in the post today.

I feel a tad silly.

I've gone through my phone address book, typed up all the numbers I need, cut down the ones I don't. Just waiting for new sim card.

The bonus: at least I have a second phone used mostly for texting.

Today's aim: I'm not feeling 100% (not that I ever am but I'm really not today), but I'd like to spend at least 30 mins writing :)

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