Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 the year of Strategies

Credit for the idea of this post goes to Rosemary Adam, a wonderful writer friend on Twitter. She and I were catching up over what the first part of the year might hold and what we were doing.

I'm still battling with medication side effects. I said that nausea can sort of be controlled by eating mints (it can - although I have to keep swapping types so I don't get bored). The low appetite is in full swing, but I'm learning that if I can have several different foods at each meal I'm more likely to eat it. After 2-3 mouthfuls I get bored. So I'm focusing on making food fun.

Rosemary replied by saying it sounded like I was working out a strategy. I love that idea!

I think live is all about strategies. Yes thing crop up and we have to make on the spot decisions. Plans change as the world changes around us (it would be boring if everything happened exactly as we planned it).

I think that everyone can make strategies, and everyone has something in life they need strategies for. Here are some of my strategies

  • Health
    • Keep nausea low with lots of mints
    • Make food appetizing for the small amounts that I do eat, in the hope I'll enjoy it. 
    • Figure out what needs doing in the day so I can try and pace myself
  • Writing
    • Write first draft. 
    • Send to Alphas
    • Wait for Alpha feedback
    • Edit draft. 
    • Send to Betas for more detailed feedback. 
    • Wait for Betas - but I must keep working on another wip while waiting for the feedback. 
    • Edit after Beta feedback. 
    • Hopefully persuade someone to read it again for any other corrections. 
    • Write synopsis & query letter. 
    • Enter query land. 
    • Try and do some of the lessons of an online writing course that help with improving on my summarising skills.
    • Keep reading - it is essential to writing. 
  • Hobbies
    • The more I knit booties and hats, the less I'll have to look at the pattern while I knit.
      • Ultimate goal: to know a pattern for baby hat/booties off by heart. 
    • Gaming
      • to try and game for at least 20 mins a week. 
        • Bear in mind I haven't done this since summer. I used to game hours at a time. Health interfered, but I want to give it a go. 
    • Reading
      • Keep reading :) Books are essential to life. 
I'm sure that all of you can think up something that you want to work on in 2011, (yes I did write 2010 then correct it). I hope that your strategies help you succeed in everything you do. 

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