Thursday, 20 January 2011

Muse is in the wings!

This week has been mental. Some of it was my own fault (overdoing it - I'm still in energy payback for Sunday's exploits. Note: if you get tired by certain things, don't try and do all 3 major challenges in one morning or one day!), the rest was work. Today was very busy, and the queries I had on top of my usual work involved more than looking up a phone number or email. I was delighted when I solved the issues (one took a great deal of detective work). I got a real buzz from it all.

Muse has been humming away to herself because I haven't been up for her antics. I'm hoping to write some more this weekend, but we shall see. Due to an appointment tomorrow, I've got the day off work. A lazy morning is on my plan of R&R. I intend to read a lot. The other day I sat down with a book, had 1 and a half hours until bedtime. When 10pm arrived and I set the book down, I was a little shocked at how much I had read. And it wasn't a straightforward read - due to the nature of the book there were a lot of areas which looked normal but then had
               An Indent (with the character's name) and what the character said
               And sometimes (another character or two, or four underneath it
               So it looks (something like this)

For my brain last thing in the day that is slightly more work than just normal paragraphs (maybe I'm weird). Either way, I love reading! I'm getting back into it all, which is nice. I've missed it.

News....not really. Alpha readers for Inescapable Ties (positions still open if anyone's interested) will have an extended deadline because of the competition I'm trying to get a submission for. Muse knows exactly what happens for the next few chapters - just need to do a little coordination with her so I get it written.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, have a good one!

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