Saturday, 22 January 2011

I was planning to write this weekend, honest!

Yesterday afternoon I developed a headache and nausea, which got to the stage where I had to go to bed early. 7.10pm to be precise.

I do feel better today, but it is still lingering. I'm now thinking I may have caught something from work - another colleague complained of a funny head and not being very well.

So, in my endeavour to listen to my body and not push it quite so hard, I'm being good and not writing until I'm over this virus. It is a virus, and although it doesn't feel like they normally do, I think I need to treat it as normal.

Which means lots of R&R :)

I've been knitting, watching the Unit (which nearly ended up as Tunic!). I'm now on the 2nd series and I love it! I've started the sleeve on a baby's cute little hoodie (photos will be up on completion). I'm currently  about to start reading The Prophecy by John Kilgallon. It looks pretty awesome! Should keep me busy all evening :)

I would like to be back writing on Tuesday. I doubt I'll be over this thing tomorrow, and Monday's are my non-writing day.

This does mean that the prospect of entering the writing competition are narrowing. I've lost a whole week out of a 6 week window. :( I'm not going to overdo things just to enter. I'm still going to write the novel, and if it doesn't get done in time, that's ok. I can save it for next year! Which might be a good option, considering the deadline is 25th Feb. We shall see :) Either way, writing is happening! Muse is rearing to go.

Time to read that book...

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