Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sleepy :)

After cleaning my birds, getting petrol, doing some laundry and popping to get a few groceries, I was a bit tired when I got back. I've been reading all afternoon - I won't be writing today. I need to rest up for work.

I had some pretty awesome news on one of the forums I belong to. I'd put up an add for alpha/beta readers nearly a week ago. I'd had nothing all week so thought nothing of it.

Today I go back and find that 5 people have asked to help. Nearly all of them work for schools/libraries/a job involving books. One of them actually knows more people who would be interested in reading it too. I'm pretty excited, if they do all read it it will be fab to have such a wide range of feedback. Obviously I hope some of it is decent, but equally I need to work on the parts which aren't so great.

No more news - I've got a review to write, then more books to read!

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