Friday, 28 January 2011

Daily update #1 Happy news!

I've got lots of happy news this week! (we ignore the fact that washing machine is currently broken. Hopefully it will be looked at tomorrow).

1) I can play video games again! I had to stop them for over 6 months because the pain was too bad. I realised that if I was knitting, I'd be able to game. I tried it for 10mins on Wednesday, and oh boy I remember why I love games so much! I'll never do 6 hour gaming fests again, because I've got to be careful not to overdo it, but it's truly lovely to be able to do it. I'm glad I've managed to find extra time in my day by cutting down on internet time, because I'll need those extra hours to fit gaming in! And knitting - I love knitting in front of dvds.

2) I ordered a copy of the Children's Writers & Artists Year book 2011! I had one years ago, only it was the adult version with a slim section on children's fiction. Having its own book shows how huge the genre has become in the last decade (Been writing for about 13/14 years). That should arrive next week.

3) Had lots of lovely parcels today.
* Toy stuffing (for a knitted frog. Although the packet is huge so there will be plenty for other toys).
* Books (this is normal!)
* Chocolate (I'd pre-ordered it in December, and it all looks delicious!

4) Alpha feed back is starting to trickle in. So far pretty positive, people like the main aspects. One friend loves a secondary character a lot...which is nice! Hope that one doesn't eclipse the main one! I have a rough idea what I need to work on in the edit, but no rush for that :)

5) I'm probably not entering the FL competition, but I'm still working on Diplomatic Disaster. It's fun to write, will definitely be for younger readers (but still in the same series as IT) and a friend likes the premise so will read it soon :) (Well, what I've got up so far. It's only half finished).

So at the moment, it looks like I'm in for a fun weekend! Enjoy whatever you do, and I'll catch up soon!

Oh no! I totally forgot the other good news.

I haven't been able to write for a while because I haven't been up for it (stupid health). However, yesterday I wrote 2300k, one chapter! I'm definitely going to have to split it in the edit, but I was so engrossed I couldn't quite bear to break it up as I wrote it. :D Hoping to write every day apart from Mondays & Thurdays.


Liana Brooks said...

I'm coming to steal books.

*looks like a super spy*

Nayuleska said...

Steal away :) I have a brilliant alarm system: zebra finches. They tweet at any intrusion. Technically 1 zebra finch & one bengalese finch.