Saturday, 29 January 2011

Daily update #2 Chapter 9 of DD complete!

Whoohoo! Another productive writing day. I've written 2600 words on Chapter 9. Normally I'd know I need to cut it in half, but in this case I think I just need to axe some words. I knew what happened in this scene, but it wasn't a crystal clear one, so Muse loitered a little bit in places as she figured out exactly what she wanted to do. She didn't know how to explain a few technological concepts - as she reminds me with a few stamps of her small foot, she isn't a techno geek.

Chapter 10 is clearer to my Muse, and I'm looking forward to writing it hopefully tomorrow. Things are looking worse for the heroine. Shortly more people will be after her - she's so popular! Unfortunately the wrong type of people are interested in her, which adds more baggage to her current adventure.

It's time for me to refuel myself and my Muse :)

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